Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Solid raw materials by Plantin

Plantin, French manufacturer of fertilizers for the agricultural industry, provides raw materials or solids for farmers in 35 countries around the world.

Technical charts available onlilne for solids or raw materials prepared by Plantin, provide the composition and packaging details for users and its distributor partners. Among the range of fertilizer products, Plantin solid raw materials are highly soluble salts which form the base ingredients for preparations and are used to bring a nutritional balance for healthy plant growth.

Plantin’s agronomics team provides a consultancy service for technical advice and support about using its raw materials to ensure the correct mix of elements for your soil and plants. Feel free to consult the Plantin catalogue online or seek expert advice from your nearest distributor.

Raw materials are also available in liquid fertilizers formulas such as the magplant and beetroot extract also suitable for the organic farming sector. Discover the organic fertilizers, PLANSTART for optimizing root development and giving a boost at the early stage of plant growth.

Raw materials: Plantin logistics for fast delivery worldwide

From the soluble raw materials range, LIQUOPLANTS to the wide choice of liquid raw materials, the French leader in fertilization technology provides reliable delivery in a variety of packaging, pallets, bags, from 20 litre drums to 1000L tanks or more to match exact requirements for each type of grower. The UNIPLANT solution for drip irrigation application is proposed after water analysis of your site.

Thanks to quality logistics, the Plantin network of distributors is able to deliver your fertilizers in the shortest time delays, wherever you are. Plantin distributors are trained experts in the company’s products and can advise you about appropriate fertilizer for your plantation. All Plantin products undergo thorough quality controls during several stages of production and are fully traceable to ensure the excellent quality of Plantin fertilizers.

Plantin is based in the Provence region in the south of France and is a leading expert in fetilization technology with a company history dating over a century. Feel free to learn more about our company at our website.

If you would like any further information about Plantin raw materials, please contact us.