Manufacturer And Distributor Of Fertilizers

Manufacturer And Distributor Of Fertilizers

Leading manufacturer and distributor of fertilizers: your soil enriched with Plantin

Discover the whole range of chemical and organic fertilizers by a leading manufacturer and distributor of fertilizers in France. Plantin is present in over 35 countries ensuring quality service and products.

Different sectors of the farming and horticultural industries enjoy a wide choice of profesional fertilizers adapted to specific needs of the crop. The Plantin manufacturer and distributor of fertilizer products works closely with partners to ensure high standards and delivery programs that optimize control of stocks; customers’ needs are met more efficiently, with shorter delivery times and complete technical support.

Plantin constantly upgrades its products to ensure the best performance fertilizers and provides technical training and information for all distributors, ensuring that customers choose the most appropriate fertilizer for their crops.

Available in a choice of packaging forms to suit road and sea transport needs, Plantin can get your chosen fertilizer to your depot with cost-effective efficiency thanks to their strained flow logistics.

Manufacturer and distributor of fertilizers: The Plantin range

We invite you to learn more about our products, feel free to browse through our online catalogue and consult our security charts for each fertilizer.

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