Our MINERALS are granular fertilizers in the mass unlike mix fertilizers (Bulk). Each major and secondary element as well as the trace elements are distributed in each granule.

Our quality charter only selects raw materials that can be assimilated by plants. Our MINERALS are ternary NPK granulated mineral fertilizers rich in potash. Potash is present there exclusively in the form of sulphate of potash, which has many advantages. Its salinity index is low, which makes it particularly suitable in situations where excess salinity is to be feared (intensive fertilization, localization of fertilizer), even more so for crops that are sensitive to it.

Our MINERALS are poor in chlorine: the chloride content is less than 2%. This property is particularly sought after for crops sensitive to chlorine such as market gardening, arboriculture, viticultural crops or potatoes. It provides sulfur, an essential element for crops, in sulfate form which is very easily assimilated for plants. Potash sulfate also promotes the production of dry matter, the accumulation of sugars and improves the firmness of crops. There is a significant synergy between the elements nitrogen and phosphorus, and nitrogen and potassium: a joint supply of phosphorus and potash indeed allows an increased absorption of nitrogen by the plant.

Our MINERALS promote the mineralization of elements stored in the ground. They are enriched with magnesia, even trace elements, to strengthen the resistance of plants, fruits, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Our MINERALS are distinguished by their high solubility, thus ensuring better efficiency combined with rapid action.



  • Easy to use and apply.
  • Complete formula to cover all the nutritional needs of plants.
  • Improves the availability of nutrients.
  • Stimulates the growth of the plant.
  • Rich in sulfur.
  • Ideal for crops sensitive to chlorine and salinity
  • Our laboratory in our factory is of invaluable help in formulating innovative products but also in developing your formulas.
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