Micro granular starters: Planstar


The PLANSTAR range of fertilizers stimulates the start of crops while ensuring good root growth. The micro granules are ultra localized to bring nutrients closer to the needs of the plant and facilitate their absorption.

Our PLANSTAR participate in a new reasoned fertilization, respectful of the environment. They enhance the efficiency and the earliness of fertilization, limit losses by leaching and improve yield.

Our PLANSTAR are micro starter granules (from 0.5 to 1.3 mm), produced in our production unit. They facilitate the start of crops for all soils, even wet and cold, effective whatever the pH. Very soluble Phosphorus as well as Boron or Zinc, in an acid micro-granule which protects its quality, act on root growth and vegetative vigor.
The immediate solubility quickly puts the environment of the seed or plant in optimal condition.



  • An economical and environmentally friendly solution.
  • Low salinity with localization.
  • Very soluble N and P contribution favorable to maximum rooting of crops.
  • A starter effect guaranteed by the contribution of soluble phosphorus and nitrogen, which can be fully assimilated.
  • Facilitates transport, storage and handling.
  • Reduction of logistics costs.
  • A single pass allows simultaneous input of seed and fertilizer: saving one pass.


Our laboratory in our factory is of invaluable help in formulating innovative products but also in developing your formulas.
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