Soluble fertilizers: Fertiplant


Our FERTIPLANT are a complete range of soluble fertilizers based on high quality raw materials in order to provide plants with the optimal doses throughout their growth. The qualities of purity and solubility of our raw materials give our fertilizers ease of use and agronomic efficiency.

Our soluble FERTIPLANT fertilizers can be used in all types of watering: drip, sprinkling, microjet, gravity.


  • Easy to use and apply.
  • Ultra soluble crystalline powder.
  • Contribution of all the fertilizing elements necessary for the crop.
  • Improves the availability of nutrients.


Since 1880, in France and internationally, PLANTIN and its teams have been able to develop a large number of formulas. Our laboratory in our factory is a precious help in formulating innovative products but also in developing your formulas:
– With different forms of nitrogen;
– Low in chlorine or without chlorine;
– With specific forms of iron (DTPA, EDTA, EDDHA, …);
– With mixtures of trace elements adapted to your crops.
The development of your formulas requires a minimum of order.



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