Our liquid fertilizers


LIQUOPLANT  are concentrated liquid stock solutions providing professionals with a complete range.
LIQUOPLANT  contain major elements (N, P and K) combined or not with secondary elements (Mg, S and Ca) and / or trace elements.

They can therefore take over from traditional fertilization when the contribution of major or secondary elements is not sufficient. Our LIQUOPLANT enriched with trace elements can be added to prevent or correct deficiencies.

Since 1880, in France and internationally, PLANTIN and its teams have been able to develop a large number of formulas. Our laboratory in our factory is a precious help in formulating innovative products but also in developing your formulas:
– With different forms of nitrogen;
– Low in chlorine or without chlorine;
– With specific forms of iron (DTPA, EDTA, EDDHA, …);
– With mixtures of trace elements adapted to your crops.
The development of your formulas requires a minimum of order.



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