Organo-mineral fertilizer: Orgaplant


Our ORGAPLANT are formulas made from a mixture of organic matter of animal origin and mineral matter. This combination ensures dynamic nutrition through the presence of soluble elements that can be directly assimilated and progressive by organic nitrogen of animal origin. It therefore responds in a fractional manner to short, medium and long term needs.

Nitrogenous organic matter generally represents 25 to 50% of finished products. The other constituents of the fertilizer, simple mineral salts, providing N.P.K. in appropriate forms, are diluted in organic matter.

This results, thanks to the buffer effect exerted by these organic materials, more safety in the nutrition of plants.



  • Immediate nutrition by the ammoniacal nitrogen fraction and progressive by the organic nitrogen fraction.
  • Valuation of soil reserves.
  • Reduced risk of nitrogen leaching.
  • Activation of microbial life in the soil.
  • Increase in soil mineral reserves.
  • Release of soil nutrients.
  • Promotes rooting.
  • Stimulates the growth of the plant.


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