PLANTIN, is above all about Innovation, Research & Development.

In an ultra-competitive environment, it is through the specialization and upgrading of skills of our production site and our manufacturing lines, and by the constant search for efficiency that we offer our customers innovative fertilizing solutions and quality.

PLANTIN invests in research and development (R&D) activities to improve process technology, crop nutrition strategies and environmental solutions.

Our team of technicians and our R&D department are at your service to help you find answers together and guide you in your cultivation practices.


The flexibility of our logistics and packaging processes is a major asset of PLANTIN, unanimously appreciated by our customers.

We have our own on-site storage facility as well as a large loading and unloading capacity. We start from 1 pallet to 1 full truck or 1 FCL 20 ’or 1 FCL 40’, as a single product or a mix depending on the compatibility of the hazardous products.

We can sell :

  • Ex works.
  • Delivery to the customer in France or Europe.
  • Delivery to the customer’s freight forwarder in France.
  • Delivery to the port of destination.