Soluble fertilizers


PLANTIN has developed ranges of specialty soluble fertilizers which are suitable for different modes of use: drip, foliar or ground application.

Good nutrition is necessary for the proper development of the plant. PLANTIN understands this well and selects raw materials of high purity and high solubility in order to optimize the yield and quality of your crops.


Our soluble fertilizers for fertigation

Aware of the importance of quality nutrition, PLANTIN has developed a wide range of soluble fertilizers to meet all needs. needs of your crops.

Our research laboratory has developed Acidifying formulas, Premium (without chlorine and without urea), Premium Plus (Premium formulas with chelated trace elements) and “Classic” formulas.

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Our water-soluble foliar fertilizers

PLANTIN has developed a complete and innovative range of foliar fertilizer powder. Each formula corresponds to a specific need and each contribution ensures quality nutrition.

This range provides farmers with all the essential nutrients to feed their crops.

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