Fertilizers with late nitrogen: CLUB


CLUB progressive-release fertilizers have immediate and sustained effectiveness for about 6 months. Urea formaldehyde is resistant to leaching. CLUB fertilizers are easy to use and come in the form of mini granules.

The gradual release nitrogen (urea formaldehyde) contained in CLUB fertilizers is released in two ways. By hydrolysis and microbial action. This gives them remarkable efficiency.

Our CLUB fertilizers are perfect for immediate and sustained action over time thanks to the decomposition of nitrogen in several forms. Nitrogen is the real engine of grass growth. The judicious mixture of 3 to 4 forms of nitrogen in this special long-lasting range guarantees your lawn a balanced nutrition.



  • Reduction of nitrogen leaching.
  • 3 times greater action than a conventional form of nitrogen.
  • Easier mineralization.
  • Progressive growth without risk of burns.
  • Strengthening the root system.
  • Addition of Sulfur (SO3) which contributes significantly to the defense of the plant thus allowing better resistance to diseases.
  • Contribution of trace elements.


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