Fertilizer Manufacturer

Fertilizer Manufacturer

Fertilizer manufacturer: The Plantin quality

If you are looking for quality fertilizer for your plants, discover the whole range of chemical and organic fertilizers by a leading fertilizer manufacturer, Plantin. A French-based company with over 130 years’ history of experience in the production of profesional fertilizers for the agricultural, horticultural, arboricultural industries, Plantin provides effective, environmentally safe and nutrition-packed products for balanced and healthy growth of crops and plants.

Plantin has made its international name with high-quality products distributed in over 30 countries. A range comprising of granular, liquid and powder formulas, applicable via modern and traditional methods, every attention to the end user, the fertilizers are both effective and easy-to-use. The fertilizer manufacturer uses the latest developments in fertilizer granulation processes to provide better absorption and assimilation of nutrients by soil and plants.

Fertilizer Manufacturer designs products for healthy plants and soil

Discover the general and specific fertilizers to boost early stages of plant growth such as PLANSTART, remedies and treatments for identified mineral deficiencies, FERRO 8, LIQUOFFER 400, and OLIOPLANT, a range of trace elements, Copper sulphate, Zinc sulphate, Managanese sulphate, available in unique formulas, allowing growers to provide a made-to-measure treatment for identified deficiencies.

Innovative product formulas have also served to create products with fast absorption and assimilation qualities for organic mineral fertilizers suitable for the organic farmer. The Plantin bovine manure granules can also be used throughout the year, requiring only slight burying into soil or simply moistening by natural rainfall or spraying, an easy and natural solution for enriching soil for both organic and non-organic farming.

French Fertilizer manufacturer delivers the right product fast

Plantin has developed intelligent packaging which improves shipping conditions and optimizes storage and use for the grower. The fertilizer manufacturer caters for all types of growers and provides solutions for the home gardening market and sports and green spaces for the public and private sectors. Distributors are highly-trained partners who can advise about best suited products and ensure fast delivery times.

Based in the Provence region, in the south of France, with state-of-the-art industrial site and several hectares of land used for research and development of fertilizers for the whole variety of crops and plants, Plantin delivers to customers in over 30 countries around the world thanks to its network of distributors.

Plantin is dedicated to providing the best quality products for growers and is committed to the highest standards of health and safety. Feel free to learn more about Plantin products, we provide full product descriptions with composition, technical and security charts and recommendations for responsible and optimal use.

As a member of national and international organizations, such as the IFA (International Fertilizer Industry Association), the French specialist in fertilizer manufacture, participates in the development of industry quality and standards. All Plantin products undergo quality control procedures and offer full traceability as part of the company’s dedication to excellence.

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