PLANSTAR 10-40-0 + 1,7 Zn

PLANSTAR 10-40-0 – 1.7 Zn is a combination of high-quality Azote (N) and Phosphorus (P) combined with trace elements in perfectly assimilable forms. This mineral balance directly affects growth and vegetative development.


PLANSTAR 10-40-0 – 1.7 Zn allows a fertilizer intake 4 to 6 times less, the dose applied is much more effective. Because of the low mobility of Phosphorus (P) in the soil, young plants use a lot of energy to assimilate it. The application of micro granules on contact with the rhizosphere (root bulb) facilitates the absorption of P by plants and allows better control of the biological activity of the rhizosphere. This nutrition as close as possible to the seed multiplies the contact surfaces. Its low granulometry (0.5 to 1.2mm) makes it possible to make available to your crops 750,000 micro granules per kg brought for optimal use and efficiency!


PLANSTAR 10-40-0 – 1.7 Zn increases fertilization efficiency, limits leaching losses and improves efficiency. It provides the micronutrients needed for the most demanding crops (for example, crops take an average of 200g of Zn per hectare). Fertilization takes place at the same time as sowing in HYPER LOCALISATION. More efficient than traditional fertilizers, PLANSTAR 10-40-0 – 1.7 Zn reduces fertilizer per hectare. It facilitates transport, storage and handling (a single pass allows the simultaneous input of the seed and fertilizer). PLANSTAR 10-40-0 – 1.7 Zn is an economical solution that helps with reasoned fertilization!



  • An economical and environmentally friendly solution.
  • Low salinity with a location.
  • Highly soluble N and P intake conducive to maximum rooting of crops.
  • A starter effect guaranteed by the contribution of soluble phosphorus and nitrogen, totally assimilable.
  • Makes it easier to transport, store and handle.
  • Reducing logistics costs.
  • A single passage allows the simultaneous input of the seed and fertilizer: saving a passage.


Product code: 3171




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Nitrogen (N) Total: 10.00%
Of which 10.0% Ammoniacal nitrogen
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5): 40.00%
Of which 39.4% soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and in water
38.6% water soluble
Sulphur trioxide (SO3): 7.0%

Trace elements:
Zinc (Zn): 1.70%

Particle size: 0.5 to 1.2 mm

– Industrial crops
– Furs, Prairies
– Great culture


25kg bag (Palette 1T for France and 1.2T for export)

Big bag of 600kg for France and 1T for export