PLANTIN Professional Fertilizers - FUBOPLANT 5-3-12

Organic and organo-mineral fertiliser


FUBOPLANT 5-3-12 – 2 MGO is the ideal organo-mineral balance for the vine.


This organo-mineral formulation meets the qualitative and quantitative requirements of the vine. The choice of high quality raw materials will ensure an efficient nutritional intake while stimulating the biological life of the soil for optimal expression of the terroir.


Interest in organic matter in this formula:
In soil, organic matter performs many agronomic and environmental functions:
– It ensures the storage and availability of the nutrients it needs for the plant by mineralization.
– They stimulate biological activity, being both a source of energy and nutrients for soil organisms.
– It has a central role in soil structuring and contribute to its stability vis-à-vis external aggressions (rain, settlement, etc.) by limiting water erosion.
– They promote soil warming (darker colouring of organic matter).



  • High organic matter rate.
  • Stimulating the biological activity of the soil.
  • Gradual release of nitrogen.
  • Limiting nitrate leaching.
  • High in soluble potassium.
  • Magnesium from kieseritis therefore totally soluble and assimilable.


Product code: 3211

Standard: NFU 42-001


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Nitrogen (N) Total: 5.00%
Of which 0.3% Ammoniacal nitrogen
3.3% Organic nitrogen
1.4% Ureic nitrogen
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5): 3.00%
Potassium Oxide (K2O): 12.00%
Magnesium oxide (MgO): 0.2%

Organic matter: 63.0%
Dry material: 93.0%
C-N: 9.5
Humidity: 7%
pH: 7.4

Pellet with a diameter of: 3 mm

– Arboriculture
– Market gardening
– Vine


25kg bag (Palette 1.25T)

500kg big bag