Profesional fertilizers

Plantin fertilizers for a healthy and rich soil

Plantin is a leading manufacturer and distributor of professionnal fertilizers for the agricultural, horticultural, arboricultural and wine-making industries. With a vast range of high quality chemical and organic fertilizers, an efficient delivery service and ongoing technical support, Plantin provides its products for professional growers in 35 countries around the world.

Committed to meeting the needs of growers in all sectors, Plantin has developed fertilizers for use in the home garden, sports field, lawn, cereal crops, nurseries… a choice of chemical and organic fertilizers in formulas that ensure optimal assimilation and growth of your plants and crops.

Plantin hallmark Fertilizers

The Plantin range of fertilizers is dedicated to providing effective, innovative and easy-to-use solutions for every type grower, providing products that can be applied in simple steps via a variety of fertilization methods. ORGANO MINERAL fertilizers, such as ORGAPLANT, provide nitrogen with efficient speed and assimilation by plants. Produced using organic materials, Plantin has created a product that is environmentally friendly and suitable for both organic and non-organic farmers.
Equally effective, PLANSTART fertilizers encourage the development of healthy and robust plants from the early stages of growth, a balanced formula, easily absorbed and assimilated by your seeds and young plants.

For a more in depth treatment for your soil, FERTILIGHT fertilizers by Plantin bring back the correct nutritional balance. Discover more about the formula designed to meet the nutritional needs of your soil, an adapted solution for your soil composition, local environment and end product. Feel free to view our online catalogue for the full range of granular, soluble and powder formulas. Plantin shares its expertise on treating soil deficiencies with both growers and its distributor partners around the world, do not hesitate to seek advice from an expert near you.

Plantin fertilizers: Composition, recommendations, security charts online

Distributors and growers are welcome to consult technical charts, composition of each of our fertilizer products and find application guidelines for your specific plant varieties or soil deficiencies. We have created products suitable for use via modern and traditional farming and growing methods and technologies. Our specialized distributors are at your disposal for consultation and provide an ongoing support service to help you achieve optimal results using Plantin fertilizers, healthy growth and yield of your plants and crops.

If you would like any further information about Plantin fertilizers, please contact us.