Water Soluble Fertilizer

Water Soluble Fertilizer

Water soluble fertilizers: quality fertilization for growers and farmers

Discover the innovative solutions for your nourishing soil, in ground or out of ground and providing adapted nutrition for plants and crops, vineyards, nurseries, lawns, the French supplier, Plantin, has developed a complete range of fertilizers for use by professional growers and farmers.

FERTIPLANTS is a water soluble fertilizer appreciated for its high quality and labor saving, easy-to-use formula. Designed with a balance of Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, Magnesium, trace elements and raw materials, growers can fertilize via a multitude of watering methods: drip-by-drip, spraying, micro-jets or gravity feed. The FERTIPLANTs range offers both versatility and an adapted fertilizer that complies with requirements of each plant variety at different stages of their development.

Water soluble fertilizers: solutions for each plant variety

Plantin uses the latest technologies in fertilizer granulation processes and water soluble fertilizer preparations which improve nutrient absorption and assimilation by plants at different stages of growth. Designed specifically for the horticultural sector, suitable for use for in soil and pot plantations, TOP FERT offers growers a liquid fertilizer in concentrated formula, also of varying composition to match the exact needs of different plant species. Feel free to view the recommended composition, dosage, ideal time and frequency of application for your plants for optimal results.

In addition to water soluble fertilizers, Plantin continues to develop granular and liquid fertilizers, foliar fertilizers and a range of organic fertilizers suitable for all types of organic farming. Specialized fertilizers are also developed to treat specific deficiencies, improve plant resistance to hydro or thermal stress and provide overall fertilization for impoverished soil. Feel free to view the Plantin catalogue online.

Water soluble fertilizers: a trusted partner for growers

At Plantin, we are dedicated to providing professional farmers and all types of growers the best quality water soluble fertilizers and share our expertise with our distributors and customers to ensure the optimal use of our products for safe and effective fertilization of soil and plants. Feel free to consult our technical charts, composition and user guidelines for each product online, our distributor partners can also recommend applications that are best adapted to your local environment… we invite you to a contact a Plantin expert for consultation and advice about your requirements.

Plantin is a family-owned company with over 100 years’ experience in the sector and is based in the Provence region, south of France. Our continued growth and success on the national and international markets for fertilizers for agriculture, horticulture, gardening sector, and viticulture is based on the high quality of our innovative products for both traditional and organic farming. Our network of distributors and logistics management, allow us to deliver the best product for your activity fast, provide technical support and advice you need for optimal growth and yield.

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