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Mineral lawn fertilizers

Lawn fertilizer: lusciously green with Plantin

Plantin lawn fertilizers are widely used by the home gardening sector and sports institutions, relying on the quality and effectiveness of the soil nutrient. Plantin is a leading manufacturer of fertilizers for the agricultural, horticultural and arboricultural sectors as well as the home gardening market.

Expert granular fertilization processes, continually developed to improve the quality of absorption and assimilation of nutrients, Plantin is dedicated to providing specific fertilizers that are both highly-effective and protect the environment. Lawn fertilizers come in various formulas: granules, liquids and powders to suit application methods of each grower or user.

Treat mineral deficiencies of your soil, boost starting growth and create a lusciously green lawn in the garden or a spruce sports field with a choice of lawn fertilizer from Plantin’s complete range. Discover the Mini-granules ideal for use on open spaces and easy-to-use spreading for a moderate surface…Feel free to consult the Plantin catalogue online for more details and recommendations on usage.

Lawn fertilizers: The Plantin quality

Plantin is a French manufacturer and provides its specialized fertilizers to growers in 35 countries. With over 130 years experience in producing both chemical-based and organic fertilizers, the company shares its expertise and knowledge with its distributor partners to ensure that end users enjoy the maximum benefits of its products.

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