Granular Fertilizer

Granular Fertilizer

Particle sizes to suit the plant: granular fertilizers by Plantin

Granular fertilizers manufactured by Plantin come in a choice of particle sizes to match the needs of specific cultures and methods of farming. Designed to improve absorption and assimilation of nutrients by different types of plants and crops, Plantin fertilizers offer overall nutrition and specific treatments in chemical and organic formulas.

If you need a granular fertilizer for current use, Plantin has developed a particle size adapted for use on all types of crops, as well as, vines, trees and nurseries. For mechanized market gardening, the micro-granular fertilizer is ideal for large expanses of cultivated lands offering improved root development and boosts growth in its early stages.

The Mini-Granular particle size fertilizer, also available by Plantin is recommended for open spaces and the home gardening market thanks to their easy-to-use formula. Indeed, the granular fertilizers offer optimal nutrition for plants and improve soil quality while protecting the environment.

Granular fertilizers: quality formulas

Plantin meets the needs for effective and ecologically viable products for the growing organic farming sector with a range of certified organic granular fertilizers. The French specialist in fertilization applies its technical know-how to bovine manure, converting this natural fertilizer into a variety of pellet sizes. Enrich your soil, improving porosity and its ability to retain water, boost growth of plant roots with bovine manure in a granulated formula. Plantin granules offer fast absorption and improved resistance to erosion from unfavorable weather conditions. Application is simpler during spreading, requiring only spraying for moisture for optimal penetration by the soil. Organic granular fertilizers are part of a complete range of granular, liquid and powder fertilizers dedicated to organic farming. Discover products such as PLANTALG, made from seaweed extract, the foliar fertilizer, ORGALIQ, raw materials, separate trace elements for the overall nutritional balance and treatment of mineral deficiencies.

Feel free to consult the Plantin catalogue online to learn more about composition, technical charts and suitable dosage, application period and frequency for each product.

Granular fertilizers: a Plantin distributor near you

For your plants, crops and green spaces, gardens, whatever the local conditions and challenging environments, Plantin has dedicated its long standing know-how and continued research to provide innovative fertilizers to match the needs of both the modern and traditional grower. Excellent logistics management allows the French manufacturer to reach its customers in the shortest delays. With partners implanted in over 30 countries around the world, Plantin is at your disposal for consultation, technical support, training and recommendation for the best use for each grower.

If you would like any further information about Plantin granular fertilizers, please contact us.