Fertilizer Phosphate

Fertilizer Phosphate

Plantin fertilizers: phosphate, a key ingredient for plant growth

Discover the phosphate fertilizers manufactured by Plantin, a leading French manufacturer of a complete range of fertilizers for the agricultural, horticultural, arboricultural and wine-producing industries.

Fertilizers with phosphate content provide improved absorption and assimilation for your crops and plants thanks to Plantin’s fertilizer granulation processes. Among the Plantin range, FERTIPLANTS are part of a soluble powder range, containing phosphate, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphate and other trace elements for healthy growth.

For each phosphate fertilizer product, feel free to consult Plantin online for exact composition, technical charts and recommendations about ideal application times and dosage depending on plant or crop variety. The high quality of our raw materials and fertilizer granulation processes ensure products that improve plant health, growth and yield for professional growers, the home gardening market and the fast growing organic farming sectors.

Phosphate Fertilizers and trace elements for soil

OLIPLANT is a range dedicated to treatments of mineral deficiencies in soil, prepared in separate formulas, which allow growers to nourish their soil with exactness with Zinc sulfates, Copper Sulfates, Manganese sulfates, Berron or Merybdemun. PLANTALG, the innovative seaweed extract-based fertilizer also provides trace elements and is suitable for the organic farmer. Plantin’s long standing experience and expertise in the fertilization process and plant and crop varieties has allowed the leading French manufacturer to conceive effective, easy-to-use products for every type of grower.

Phosphate: the range of chemical and organic fertilizers

In addition to our phosphate fertilizers, we invite you to discover our range of fertilizers made from seaweed extract, our organic mineral fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, raw material products suitable for organic farming. We aim to meet the exact needs of each of our customers with a vast range of granular, pellet, liquid and soluble fertilizers. Consult our online catalogue for more details.

Discover more about Plantin, based in the south of France, since its creation over 130 years ago, the company continues to contribute to the improvement of health and safety standards and performance quality of fertilizers for the agricultural and related sectors. A drive for excellence and sustainability, Plantin has also won over the emerging organic farming sector with its superior quality fertilizers. We invite you to consult a Plantin specialist for recommendations and orders; we deliver promptly to professional growers in over 30 countries worldwide.

If you would like any further information about phosphate fertilizers, please contact us.