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Organic fertilizer for vineyards : liquid fertilizer for grapes

Fertilizers for grape: Plantin for the vineyard

If you wish to improve the quality and yield of your vineyard, Plantin, a leading manufacturer and distributor of fertilizers, provides fertilizers for grape crops, in both organic and chemical formulas such as liquid fertilizer for grapes or seaweed fertilizer.

Effective solutions for the grapevine allow vine growers to intervene at several stages of cultivation.

Grapevine fertilizers by Plantin respect both the vine and soil and encourage healthy and robust growth thanks to an organic fertilizer for vineyards. Strict recommendations on dosage, frequency and timing will help you achieve the best yield; we invite you to discover the range of fertilizers for grapes, designed for modern and traditional fertilization techniques.

Foliar fertilizers, such as Plantifol can be applied on leaves both before and after flowering and before and after ripening and can quickly remedy problems created by temperature or water stress. Plantin also provides a range of unique mineral treatments with Oliplants ; nourish your vine with zinc, copper or Manganese sulfates, Boron or Molybdenum… redress imbalances of trace elements with an easy-to-use product.

Several of our fertilizer formulas are suitable for use on vines; a study of PH levels, soil composition aid in determining the exact nutritional needs of each crop. Discover the Plantin range for minerals, trace elements, soluble and liquid raw materials for adapted solutions for the vineyard.

Fertilizer for grapevines: adapted solutions for plant and soil

The fertilizer grape granulation processes during manufacturing ensure optimal absorption and assimilation of nutrients by your plants and respect all safety and environmental regulations. The range of organic fertilizers are suitable for the organic vine-grower in accordance with industry standards; use of the Fumier Bovin Plantin, the range of bovine manure granules can be applied throughout the year and provide a rich nutritional solution for your soil with minimal processing, only moistening or slight burying are required for optimal results.

From organic mineral fertilizers to crystallized powders that adapt to different watering methods, Plantin has developed its fertilizers using the latest technologies to produce highly-effective products for enriching your soil whatever your plant or crop. Plantin’s LIQUOVIGNE, grape fertilizer is an innovative solution for vine-growers, allowing them to provide a balanced treatment for both plant and soil, respect the environment and improve yield with a ready-to-use formula.

Fertilizers for grapes: quality products catalogue

Plantin is a French-based company with an international distribution network and presence in 35 countries. Plantin can deliver to your production site with speed and provide technical support and advice readily thanks to our specialized partners. Feel free to consult our catalogue online, you will find fertilizers for the agricultural, horticultural, arboricultural and wine-producing sectors, as well as, a range for the home gardening market. All technical charts, composition of formulas and security charts are available at the Plantin website.

If you would like any further information about our fertilizer for grapes, liquid fertilizer for grapes, organic fertilizer for vineyards or seaweed fertilizer, please contact us.