Fertilizer Company

Fertilizer Company

French fertilizer company: The Plantin Quality

Plantin, the French fertilizer company offers professional growers a complete range of products. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of fertilizers, Plantin is present in 35 countries with a distribution network that ensures fast delivery and quality service.

The Plantin fertilizer company was created over 130 years ago with preparations of organic fertilizers to improve crop yield. It has since developed chemical fertilizers and a whole range of organic products to match an ever-changing market and with a commitment to preserve the environment. Products such as liquid concentrated, foliar fertilizers, the Plantalg and Organo Mineral fertilizers feed nutrients to the soil and improves yield for the organic farmer.

Discover the high-quality fertilizers for agricultural, horticultural, arboricultral and wine-making sectors proposed by the Plantin fertilizer company. Available in different formulas to suit particular crops and plants and packaged in a choice of sizes, to suit each grower’s production needs, Plantin has the grower at the centre of its shipping strategies to ensure the best service.

In true partnership with distributors, who are trained experts on Plantin fertilizers, the Plantin distribution network provides technical support, advice and recommendations to optimize use of its fertilizers for healthy crops and plants.

Fertilizer company : Consult the Plantin charts and logisitics online

Visit the Plantin website for application advice, find an appropriate fertilizer for your crops or plants, consult technical and security charts online for more details about products. Indeed, Plantin has created formulas with varying doses of nutrients within the same range in order to treat specific soil or plant deficiencies. Discover also the range of liquid and soluble raw materials designed for growers with specific requirements. Certain products will require analysis of soil and/or water before the most suitable fertilizer can be selected.

As a leading fertilizer company, Plantin is behind innovative products that preserve the environment and are designed for easy application, suitable particle sizes for pellets, ready to use formulas… A member of national and international associations such as, the IFA (International Fertilizer Industries Associations), Plantin contributes to the development of sustainable practices and standards for the best quality fertilizers.

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