Additive Fertilizer Soil

Additive fertilizer soil

Additive fertilizer for soil with Plantin’s products

Plantin is a leading manufacturer for additive soil fertilizer for growers across the agricultural industry. Adapted to specific crops and plants, you will find a suitable product for each sector: wine, farming, horticulture and arboriculture.

Plantin produces both chemical and organic additive soil fertilizers to match the needs of your soil composition. Growers who use our products are advised by our team of experts and highly- trained distributors. Present in 35 countries, an international network ensures efficient delivery times, Plantin profesional fertilizers are available in different packaging formats to match exact requirements for storage and use.

Feel free to consult the online catalogue for an appropriate additive fertlizer for your soil. A wide range of liquid, pellets, granules fertilizers of high quality bring the nutrients and balance to your soil and optimise growth of crops and plants.

Additive fertilizers for soil: The Plantin technical charts

Dedicated to high quality products and service, Plantin provides full information about each product: technical charts, composition and security charter.

Contact us for further details about our additive soil fertilizers.